HYDROV Cleaning Redefined

  • Cleaning Redefined division focus on the shipping and inland/nearshore industry.
  • It is a known fact that vessel’s hull and propeller performance have huge impact on vessel efficiency.
  • “Poor hull and propeller performance accounts for around 10 per cent of the world fleet’s energy consumption, translating to about USD 30 billion in additional fuel costs for the world fleet, every year. “ Clean Shipping Coalition, the only international environmental organization that focuses exclusively on shipping issues.
  • A recent study also show that a 10% fouled hull will require approximately 17.5% more power consumption to compensate for the drag caused by these fouling. Better hull and propeller performance not only cut down fuel consumption thus cost, it also helps to reduce emission and pollution, protecting both the interest of vessel operators as well as our environment.
  • HYDROV developed and built our own Hull cleaning ROV (UCM series) with patented torque control system.
  • HYDROV robotics solution reduce risk through minimum or zero human underwater intervention. HYROV always strive to provide the best and safest solution to our customers.