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Story of HYDROV

UCM series ROV

It has been a proven fact that a clean hull clear from invasive marine growth can maximize the performance of the vessel thus saving fuel and reduce emission. HYDROV (ex Underwater Contractor) has always been in the Vessel Hull inspection and cleaning services since the mid 70’s. The story started with a dream of Michael back in 2010 to develop a safer and more efficient hull cleaning machine based on proven methodology currently applied through divers. .

Brandon is the key man behind the concept of UCM ROV. Unlike typical ROV in the market where it is designed to stay level and stable in the water, UCM ROV has to be able to roll at 90 degree and stay stable at this position on the vessel’s hull to do the cleaning work. Many hurdles had to be overcome during the R&D process and it is only possible through sheer grit and passion from Team HYDROV. The challenges faced by the team is not only restricted to the technical aspect. Operationally, it is a whole new concept of flying the ROV. Flipping the ROV and sticking it to the hull is counter intuitive to pilots used to operating normal ROV system.

HYDROV directors are committed to make HYDROV a professional company to provide high quality service.

Leveraging on years of experience, innovation and passion, HYDROV is able to provide customize solution to meet the unique requirement of every project. We strive to redefine status quo to improve safety, effectiveness and efficiency, providing the best solution for our customers.


Michael Gan

  • Diver turn entrepreneur.
  • Over 40 years of experience of running a very successful diving company in the marine industry

Brandon Chua

  • 24 years of experience within energy sector
  • Worked offshore as divers and ROV Supervisors as well as various management position.
  • Operation and technical guru

James Ho

  • 19 years of experience within energy sector starting from ground up as ROV pilot.
  • Of which, last 13 years are in various capacity as technical, sales and marketing lead

Passionate about Innovative Technology

Collaboration with local and international players to develop innovative solutions

Through collaboration, the applications of technology are limitless. We work with people with similar aspiration to develop and put the technology to use for the benefit of our Customers and World of Oceans.

Innovative solution - Coming soon


⇒ Developing unmanned solution with our technology partner BeeX.

⇒ Developing a more efficient hull inspection methodology with our technology partner Blue Atlas Robotics.